Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Intertextuality project: #WeCanDoIt

For the Intertextuality project I had several ideas: An angry bird flying through the air with a fork and knife towards the pigs, Spongebob being used to do the dishes, an MnM with diabetes, and finally Rosie the Riveter taking a selfie. I chose the last one beacause I had never seen it before and it was different. I also liked the concept more that all of the others.

 I decided to use acrylic paint as my medium because I am most comfortable with it. I paint in my free time outside of school and I knew that I should use it if I wanted to incorporate as much detail as I wanted to. For this project I made my sketch, traced it using the projector, and painted it.

My artwork demonstrates Intertextuality because I took the famous WWII propaganda poster and I changed what she was doing to completely change the meaning. By painting her taking a selfie, I portrayed a modern take on girls nowadays. I think the risk I took with this project is that I've never really painted a person in real detail so I wasn't completely confident in my abilities. I think I included Concept, new, and technique into my peice.

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