Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time as an Element

For this project I did not have many ideas. It is such a broad concept I had trouble focusing on one single thing. Mr. Sands brought up a different aspect of time, being late. When I thought about being late I thought about all of those urgent feelings and how you are in a big hurry to get where you need to be. I also thought of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. He is the prime example of how most people feel when they need to be somewhere, they have simply run out of time.

As I was sketching him I knew that I couldn't just simply draw him I had to make him unique. Most of my late experiences have come from trying not to be late for class so I decided to change him into a student.

 All of my previous projects have all been very small scale so I really wanted to do something different and take it outside of the classroom so I decided to blow him up and make him bigger.

Because I had used acrylic paint in my last project Mr. Sands recommended tempera. The colors were perfect because they were bright and intense.I painted him on some poster paper and taped him to the wall in the hallway. Overall I liked the final product. I think it was a very simple project but different. I don't really think I took much of a risk with it as I could have. Of the 5 characteristics I think that my project had a good concept.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Intertextuality project: #WeCanDoIt

For the Intertextuality project I had several ideas: An angry bird flying through the air with a fork and knife towards the pigs, Spongebob being used to do the dishes, an MnM with diabetes, and finally Rosie the Riveter taking a selfie. I chose the last one beacause I had never seen it before and it was different. I also liked the concept more that all of the others.

 I decided to use acrylic paint as my medium because I am most comfortable with it. I paint in my free time outside of school and I knew that I should use it if I wanted to incorporate as much detail as I wanted to. For this project I made my sketch, traced it using the projector, and painted it.

My artwork demonstrates Intertextuality because I took the famous WWII propaganda poster and I changed what she was doing to completely change the meaning. By painting her taking a selfie, I portrayed a modern take on girls nowadays. I think the risk I took with this project is that I've never really painted a person in real detail so I wasn't completely confident in my abilities. I think I included Concept, new, and technique into my peice.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Culture/Text as an element project

     When Mr. Sands asked us, "when I say the word culture, what do you think of," I was stumped. Personally, my ancestors are from all over the place in europe, but that has no effect on my life currently. I googled culture and Brainyquote came up and I started to read. All the famous people had different opinions on what culture was so why not incorporate all of them. 

     I decided to do a plaster had because I had done it before, a long time ago, in Art 1. I really wanted to used the hand shape to hold the word culture in copper. I chose this medium because just painting the hand wouldn't have been as effective as being able to touch the hand and read it. 

     To incorporate text into my piece, I took all of those quotes I had read, used different fonts to make them fit on one line, and cut them all into little strips. Then I took those and used mod podge to glue them all over my hand in like a wrapping motion.

     Overall I feel like I didn't make any huge risks because I had done this medium before, however I didn't think I would like it very much until the very end when I finished. I'm content with the outcome.

Until next time,